The Translation Center

The Project aka the Czech project for software localization aims to accomplish the following goals:

  1. translation terminology unification in the field of Free and Open Source Software,
  2. collaboration between the translation teams of various projects,
  3. new translators recruitment,
  4. improving the quality of translation,
  5. translation work simplification, and removal of duplicate translation efforts.

The English-Czech translation dictionary, which is available on this site's L10N Wiki, is an important resource for terminology unification. It has emerged from consensus among translators from various different Free and Open Source Software projects such as GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, Debian, Ubuntu, and many others.

Discussion on terminology and other English-Czech translation challenges takes place in the project's mailing list.

L10N Wiki offers not only the translation dictionary, but also a basic translation rules summary, translation utilities, and localization tools that can be of use to both beginners in localization and advanced contributors to the community-driven software translation as well. Moreover, you can view links to other relevant dictionaries, translation teams websites, and, last but not least, related localization projects. Virtually everyone can edit the wiki, both registered and unregistered users.

If you are a Czech speaker who wants to help out with the terminology unification effort, why not join the project today!

Just looking for people behind this project? Then visit the appropriate page.

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