L10N.cz Translation Community

L10N.cz is a Czech community project for free and open source software localization. The project aims to accomplish the following goals:

  • using consistent terminology across Czech translations of free and open source software,
  • collaboration between the translation teams from various projects,
  • recruiting new translators,
  • improving the quality of translation,
  • simplifying translators work, and avoiding duplicate translation efforts.

The English-Czech translation dictionary, which is available on this site's L10N.cz Wiki, is the main resource for terminology unification. It has emerged from consensus amongst translators coming from different free and open source software projects, such as GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, Debian, Ubuntu, among others.

Discussions on terminology and other English-Czech translation topics take place in the project's mailing list.

L10N.cz Wiki contains not only the translation dictionary, but also a summary of basic rules in the translation process, translation utilities, and localization tools that can be used by both the beginners in localization and the advanced contributors to the community-driven software translation. Links to other relevant dictionaries, translation team websites, and related localization projects are also available. You can edit the wiki pages after signing up for an account.


There are plenty of ways to help out:

Information specific to those who want to join one of the existing Czech translation communities, including a localization beginner's FAQ, is available on the wiki (in Czech).


Project Administrators:
Petr Kovář
Email: pknbe at volny.cz

Ondřej Surý
Email/Jabber: ondrej at sury.org

Original Project Author:
Václav Čermák
Email/Jabber: vaclav.cermak at gmail.com

l10n.cz domain sponsored by:
Občanské sdružení Ubuntu pro Českou republiku
Email: sdruzeni at ubuntu.cz

Author of the Comparative Dictionary:
Martin Böhm
Jabber: mhb at jabber.cz

Logo contributed by:
Jan Tojnar
Email: jtojnar at gmail.com

Favicon contributed by:
Marek Černocký
Email: marek at manet.cz

You can also view a list of registered users at wiki.l10n.cz.